WV FREE believes in voter education for November 6th and beyond. The purpose of this non-partisan voter guide is to clue you in on candidate responses to reproductive health, rights, and justice. Over 30 candidates responded to our questionnaire. Don’t see yours? That means they didn’t send one back. Let your candidates know that you’re interested in their views.


We decided not to grade folks — some candidates are incumbents or have served in the past and their voting records may not align with their responses to our questionnaire. Most of the candidates who scored 80% or above actually showed 100% alignment with the issues presented in the questionnaire. 


State Senate candidates below answered 80% or more in favor of reproductive health, rights, and justice policy.

Stephanie Zucker

Laura Finch

Denny Longwell

House of Delegates candidates below answered 80% or more in favor or reproductive health, rights, and justice policy.

Renate Pore

Dave Pethtel

Margaret Anne Staggers

Larry Rowe

Sandy Shaw

John Doyle

Cody H. Thompson

Cynthia Toodle

Evan Hansen

Cindy Lavender-Bowe

Sammi Brown

Mike Pushkin

Ed Larry

Barbara Evans Fleishauer

Tom Tull

Harry Deitzler

Jeanette Rowsey

Mike Caputo

Danielle Walker

Barbara Daniels

Cory Chase

Doug Skaff


The following Congressional candidate answered in favor of reproductive health, rights, and justice policy:

Daniel "Danny" Lutz Jr


The following House of Delegates candidates answered not in favor of reproductive health, rights, and justice and answered unfavorable to protecting basic human rights, including access to healthcare.


Lawrence Lyon Jr.

Dalton Haas

Phillip Wiley

Remember, early voting starts October 24th!!

Let’s GET OUT THE VOTE! Let’s bring reason and justice to politics AND let’s kick Amendment 1 to the curb!

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