Vote Smith for Supreme Court of Appeals


Dennise Smith is:

  • A lawyer—not a politician—licensed to practice in West Virginia, Ohio, and California.

  • Committed to fairness, integrity and respect for all West Virginians.

  • Accountable—She will not waste the taxpayers' hard-earned money.

  • A graduate of West Virginia University and the WVU School of Law.

  • A West Virginian born and raised in Montgomery, Fayette County, now living in Charleston.


Dennise Smith has:

  • Over 20 years of experience as a practicing lawyer handling cases in state, federal and administrative courts

  • Handled cases involving complex issues of Constitutional law.

  • Presented cases before the West Virginia Supreme Court and participated in appeals in federal court.

  • Served as a Staff Attorney in the West Virginia State Legislature, so she understands how laws are made and the rules that must be followed when enacting them.

  • Represented West Virginians from all walks of life, including employees, business owners, and state agencies.

  • Served as an Administrative Law Judge for Workforce West Virginia, so she understands the plight of citizens who have lost their jobs and who have been hit with economic uncertainty.

  • A diverse legal background which will allow her to consider both sides of a position and make decisions based on the facts and the law.